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This is us :)

In Design, we’re a group of close-knit makers from all backgrounds.

UI/UX designers, product designers, environment designers, graphic/communication designers, illustrators, biomedical designers, animators, fashion designers, and artists all housed under one department.

Drag us around!


as Design students

we make a lot of stuff


From day one, you’re placed into a studio with around 40 other students who will grow to be your best friends, collaborators, employees, and maybe even a spouse.

You live, eat, play and work together for four years and its just about the best community you could ask for.

Check out some of our student work below.


and so do our alumni


So if you like making stuff — cool stuff, new stuff, tech stuff, you stuff  then

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Send us a message —
(412) 268-2828

Or stop by!

Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
Room 110
Monday – Friday
8am — 12:30pm / 1 — 4pm